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Lil' Byte Softstuff
Lil' Byte Softstuff
Flash or QuickTime Creation

96 1/2 North Main Street Mount Morris,  NY  14510 USA Phone:  585-658-9658

Animation and Movies

Lil' Byte Softstuff has extensive experience in producing Flash objects from the simple logo seen above to complex data driven projects.
An example of a relatively simple data driven flash demo is running below.
Full screen animations can be created using complex data files to produce interactive environments. Examples of this can be seen by clicking the links below. The examples will open in their own browser window. Close the window when finished to continue.

Warning - this demo was written for a Junior High program and is just a sample and is noisy!

This demo was written for a Senior High math program .

Lil' Byte Softstuff can produce custom QuickTime movies using video provided to us or by creating our own visuals. We use Adobe Premiere and Apple QuickTime Pro to create our video presentation. The advantage of QuickTime is that is can run on either Apple or Windows platforms.