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Web Solutions for Schools & Business

Lil' Byte Softstuff has been working closely with several businesses and school systems to produce a series of programs that will enhance their web sites by providing an integrated experience for their users.

The Online™ series of programs is the result of these efforts.

For businesses:
     We developed a calendar system that was easy to administer, was customizable, and was easy to use.  It is one of the few available that can be hosted either on Microsoft or Linux server platforms.  Different calendars can be assigned to each user, a personal calendar is provided, announcements can be shown globally, and the colors can be administratively controlled.  Log In can be required to view a calendar and email notifications of any changes can be offered.

    A bulletin board system has been developed that matches the look and feel of the calendar to create a unified web experience.

For Schools:
    A series of modules have been developed that can be used independently or as a group to provide a unified web experience for staff, parents, and students.  The goal of this work was to provide easy interaction with the public to enhance the connections with the community.

Modules developed include:

A Calendar:  This closely resembles the business module but that is tailored for schools and includes the ability to provide lunch menus, sports schedules, and separate calendars for Elementary, Jr. High, or Senior High. Important announcements can be added that display on all calendars.  Log in can be required to view specific calendars.

Curriculum:  This module will display the course descriptions for all school offerings so that the public can better understand what is being taught.

Homework:  This module allows the teachers to easily post homework assignments so that they are viewable by parents and students.  No more excuses for missing work because the student "forgot" what was assigned!

Eligibility Center:  This module makes tracking and changing student eligibility easy from any computer.  Parents can request that accounts be provided so that they can track their own children's status and can be automatically emailed when that status changes.  This module requires log in.

Transfer Center:  This module has been development to track student placement for remediation or discipline.  For schools having a "remediation period" this allows easy scheduling of students as well as the ability to know where each student is assigned that day.  It is possible to also allow parents to be able to track their own children so that they know how immediately of any potential problems. This module requires log in.

Bulletin Board:  This is the same module used for businesses where boards can be created for either public or private dialog.

Sports Module:  This module allows the athletic director and coaches to easily maintain all information regarding the sports program such as: schedules, results, rosters, and records.